This practice, which is very often subject to strict regulation, is now a technical tool in its own right in making quality wines. These products are 100% natural and derived exclusively from oak, matured and heated using precise techniques, without any chemical treatment whatsoever.

With its 14 members, the Syndicat des Producteurs de Bois pour l’œnologie (Syndicate of Producers of Wood for oenology or SPBO) represents some 70% of global production.

We have worked together for many years in order to provide stakeholders in the wine world with products specific to each of us and of ever-higher quality.

We produce oenological wood with the greatest possible respect for the raw material that we receive from stave mills. This wood, with different sizes (chips, dominoes, staves, etc.) and offering multiple sensory profiles, is used by oenologists to enhance the wines and highlight their typicity by boosting their authenticity.

The aim of this website is to explain our craft, which serves as an interface between stave mills and oenologists.

Our members